The Conscious Toolbox Introductory Episode – 001 : Why Design Matters

In this episode, the topics of the importance of design and the feedback loop are explored particularly when it comes to understanding better that your thoughts shape reality. There’s a concept that gets explored known as ontological design. This refers to the effect of the structures we create and utilize on our consciousness and behavior. One of the first conscious tools in the toolbox is the power of design and why it matters.

And remember, a tool is only as powerful as the person using it and the same tools that can build us up can also be used to tear us down. Take a hammer for example. It can construct and build a house or disassemble and destroy it. We build the tools. The tools we build, also have the effect of what we are able to build. And this is the whole philosophy behind this idea, known as ontological design.

Next we start to look at the anatomy of consciousness and talk about the feedback loop. Remember, it takes bravery to explore your consciousness and that creative expression is a great way to harness the power of thoughts, emotions, and actions to use the feedback loop to choose how you participate in life.

At the end of this episode, a conscious creativity exercise is shared. It is a dyad, which can be done spoken with another person or alone in writing. The point of the exercise is to exhaust all the possible answers that you can give in the moment. You are going to ask (yourself or the other person) just one question. Keep answering in as many different ways as possible using only short answers. And the question is, “Who Am I?” or “Who Are You?”

After you have spoken or written all the answers you can, look at the list or reflect for moment on all the things that you are, do and/or have. Then on a more subtle level of reflection, take a moment and know that deep down all of your answers are ideas, concepts, and impermanent, yet there is still part of you that is still in awareness. Who is that person?

One comment* For me, self-inquiry has been the fastest and gentlest tool that I have used in eliminating the veils of my own ignorance and breaking old patterns and coping mechanisms.

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