Available conscious creativity workshops

Beyond the integration of healthy body movement (yoga, dance, etc.), what is conscious creativity? Conscious creativity is the ability to open your mind and engage with the senses of your inner child-like wonder and amazement.  It is the ability to suspend your fear, resistance, and judgement to use your natural abilities tTAP INTO YOUR INNER GENIUSo create.  Conscious creativity allows us to take a long, hard look in the mirror, so we can tap into our ingenuity (‘the inner genius’) and be able to think, reflect, and create based on a heart-centered perspective.

To do this, we combine the movement of yoga, the clarity and focus of mediation, & (w)holistic vision-eering with your child-like creative state of mind.

Take a look at the list of possible workshops:

Each workshop is designed to get you unstuck and is open for all forms of artists and artistry.  Bring your yoga mat, journal or sketchpad, and your open-minded curiosity, and enjoy the benefits of conscious creativity! Each workshop begins with movement, breathwork, meditation, then we process and integrate by writing (conscious stream writing, jotting notes, sketching, outlining, and brainstorming) then it builds to expressing your creativity in your preferred manner.

During these sessions, you will explore your inner world by using various tools (art, meditation, creativity, coaching, and more) to better understand who you are, and, also to manifest the world you want! Each workshop is designed as a stand-alone yoga class & interactive presentation that gives you an interesting perspective into personal transformation. Each one can be done individually although the cumulative effects have the aim of stepping out of your shadow and becoming the designer of your destiny.

 You have got greatness inside of you; rather than doing what makes you happy, do what makes you great!

Click on an image for a short description of each available Conscious Creativity Workshop

Birth Into Being Level 1 + 2
Designing the New Myth for the 21st Century
Mindware: The Software of Consciousness
Vision Board
DIY Guided Meditation
Moving Beyond Your Story
Mindful Eating
Introduction to Procabulary
The Mental Blueprint
The Love Center
***Those who make money with your health, don’t necessarily want you to heal completely… If so, where would their future profits be? These workshops share various techniques that you can utilize anytime/place and then also be shared with others around you.***