Birth Into Being Level I + II

Are you ready to create new reference points for abundance, peace and love?

Move beyond the choices set at birth and in childhood, and heal at your core?

This training provides you with powerful, creative tools for enhancing your work and relationship with Birth. Elena Tonetti Vladimirova, producer of the film ‘Birth As We Know It’, created the Birth Into Being method as an active, embodied means of conscious birth preparation – for birthing projects, babies, a new sense of self….

Birth Into Being: The Limbic Imprint

Our early impressions stay with us for the rest of our lives, for better or for worse. Twenty-five years of thorough research and studies in the field of prenatal psychology show undoubtedly a direct correlation between the way we were born and the subconscious behavioral and emotional patterns in our adult lives. This is due to the mechanism called “limbic imprint”.

Limbic imprinting is the inborn capacity of the nervous system to absorb and memorize, on a cellular level, all of the information from its surrounding environment during the early formative period– the moment of conception through 9 months of gestation, birth, and the first few years of life. Every fluctuation of the mother’s hormonal, physical, emotional experiences are registered by the fetus and non-cognitively recorded in its developing nervous system and the subconscious mind. These early impressions and sensations remain with this person throughout their entire lifespan. The environment and way in which you are born is imprinted in the mind and becomes the foundation for your life story. Do you know your birth story?

If the original limbic imprint, or ‘basic settings’, were undesirable and painful, it is possible to consciously create an alternative later on in life.  This workshop focuses particularly on this aspect by combining the innate power of the brain to receive information through words, physical touch, and breath.

This workshop is for anyone who would like to release negative thought and emotional patterns and transform core habits established in their birth story. The processes are simple, fun, highly effective and will give each participant new tools to enable a free self and a thriving life.