Conscious Creativity Workshops

Rather than doing what makes you happy, do what makes you great!

Beyond the integration of healthy body movement (yoga, dance, etc.), what is conscious creativity? Conscious creativity is the ability to open your mind and engage with the senses of your inner child-like wonder and amazement.  It is the ability to suspend your fear, resistance, and judgement to use your natural abilities to create.  Conscious creativity allows us to take a long, hard look in the mirror, so we can tap into our ingenuity (‘the inner genius’) and be able to think, reflect, and create based on a heart-centered perspective.

To do this, we combine the movement of yoga, the clarity and focus of mediation, & (w)holistic vision-eering with your child-like creative state of mind.


Each workshop is designed to get you unstuck and is open for all forms of artists and artistry.  Bring your yoga mat, journal or sketchpad, and your open-minded curiosity, and enjoy the benefits of conscious creativity! Each workshop begins with movement, breathwork, meditation, then we process and integrate by writing (conscious stream writing, jotting notes, sketching, outlining, and brainstorming) then it builds to expressing your creativity in your preferred manner.
During these sessions, you will explore your inner world by using various tools (art, meditation, creativity, coaching, and more) to better understand who you are, and, also to manifest the world you want! Each workshop is designed as a stand-alone yoga class & interactive presentation that gives you an interesting perspective into personal transformation. Each one can be done individually although the cumulative effects have the aim of stepping out of your shadow becoming the designer or your destiny.

 Take a look at the following available conscious creativity workshops.

visualize-your-future-vision-board-1024x590Vision Board + Creative Visualization Techniques

The best way to predict the future is to design it! In this interactive presentation and workshop use the unlimited power of creative visualization techniques to manifest your life based on your values. During this session you will define your core values and design your future using creative visualization techniques. This is a fun and interactive workshop that demonstrates the fundamentals of designing a vision board and combines your vision-eering ability (visual engineering) with conscious-creativity to inspire your life experience. Consciousness is more than something you have; it is something that you live. We will design a 3-step vision board that will allow you to add on, modify, enhance, and update as you please. Each step includes a specific creative visualization technique to guide you in your design. At the end, you will take with you what you have created so you can plant the seeds of health and abundance for future harvests.

The mind is a garden, the heart is the soil, and your thoughts & emotions are all the seeds.  You can choose to grow flowers, fruits & trees or you can choose to grow well-manicured lawns and weeds. 


DIY Guided Meditation

Want to learn the basic steps of meditation, then write and record you own personal guided meditation?   We share with you the basic steps of meditation, writing meditation and then we set you free to design and create your own.  You will have the chance to create and add music of your own design for the highest impact. Hear the power of your own voice!

The Mental BlueprintThe Mental Blueprint

Did you know that about 5-10% of your thoughts actually do affect the world around you?  The Mental Blueprint workshop focuses on using your innate ability to visualize and practice an event or situation before even entering. We’ve all heard about the placebo effect, but how many of us have experienced it first hand? If you are able to daydream, then you can easily utilize this powerful practice of designing future moments.  This interactive workshop applies your conscious creativity to playfully design your future while shaping your present moment. Your memory is your model for reality and creates future events based on your past experiences. Well, what if you could ‘reverse-engineer’ your future and design the emotions and neural pathways associated with your success? The answer lies in The Mental Blueprint!

Brandmark-Small-480-115Intro to Procabulary

**Procabulary: Empowered Language Systems. What if you could learn a new perspective of how we use our language to identify and shape the world around us? Come to a fun, interactive workshop where we will explore the power of spoken word and its ability to influence our imagination and, therefore, who we think we are.  The Procabulary system assists to find solutions to problems and reduce conflict, understand Conflict Mentality, and begin the path of becoming a Language Architect.**  What if you could learn a new perspective of how we use our language to identify and shape the world around us? Come to a fun, interactive presentation where we will explore the power of spoken word and its ability to influence our imagination and, therefore, who we think we are. We will explore the metaphysics of identity creation and identify specific language patterns that hold us back from clear communication.  “Be careful of your thoughts when you are alone because they become your words when you are with others.” -Buddha- The Procabulary system assists to find solutions to problems and reduce conflict, understand Conflict Mentality, and begin the path of becoming a Language Architect.


Moving Beyond Your Story.jpg

Moving Beyond Your Story

The words we use create stories; the stories that we tell ourselves and the stories that we tell others. These stories, in turn, create our reality. This workshop is a continuation of the Procabulary* Workshop. (Optional, yet highly recommended for this continuation) In this workshop we will transcend our stories by working with the Procabulary formula of translations and ‘flip the script’.  Think of this as creative writing meets personal development. There’s 3 sides to every story. The story I TELL Myself, the story I TELL OTHERS, and the story that IS. This 3-sided story is then translated and filtered through the mentality of my “Story Of Me”.  We will explore the components of becoming a Language Architect by diving deeper to understand Conflict Mentality. We will see how this mentality has affected our life story through an interactive discussion. Then we will open up to the ideas of being a Language Architect by using effective strategies to design how we want to feel by effectively using our words.



Mindful Eating: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Spirit

We’ve all heard the adages of ‘the body is a temple’ & ‘you are what you eat’, whereas in reality it seems much more that you are what you can digest. In this interactive workshop we examine the different effects of hunger on the body from both an internal and external perspective. The main cause of cellular disruptiona nd cellular dysfunction is due to toxicity and deficiency.  This can lead to a discomfort, also known as a dis-ease.  A dis-ease in the mind, over time, can lead to a disease in the body or another physical manifestation.  The food you eat can either be the safest & most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison. We dive into the culture of food and eating in order to improve our awareness regarding what we put into our bodies. 



Co-Creating Relationships

This workshop is an interpersonal and intrapersonal approach to designing how we relate to the world and the people in it.  In this extended conversation we will play with our creative talents to establish a loving relationship with ourselves, we will discuss the open dynamics of Lust vs Love, and we will re-define our personal relationship paradigm regardless if you are single, dating, or in a long-term relationship. By choosing circumstances, choosing situations by choosing the people we surround ourselves with, we are essentially co-authoring our lives. It is through our relationships that we heal.  We apply the use of the 5 Love Languages to various categories and sub-categories of our lives.  We will then apply them to our relationships as we utilize our conscious creative abilities to manifest a partner or even to enhance the dynamics of our current relationships.



What’s Your Love Medicine?

Come to this conscious creativity workshop where we open the dialogue about our relationship with ourselves and also with others by using fun and healthy creative expression. We practice the IMAGO dialog to become better listeners in a space wherewe can all be heard. We’ve already had the Sexual Revolution, now it’s time for the SEXUAL RENAISSANCE!  Share in the experience of letting go of fear, guilt, and shame to access our more noble qualities of open-heartedness, purity, truth, and intuition.  By connecting to our passions and being willing to openly share our vulnerabilities, we are better able to heal ourselves and to share our passions with others.


Mindware- The Software of Consciousness.jpg

Mindware: The Software of Consciousness.

Everyone has a split personality! Literally, the brain is divided into two hemispheres.  This fun & interactive workshop is about the anatomy, development, and functions of consciousness.  In this workshop we take an introductory journey into the Deep Ecology of Mind to better understand the basic functions of the mind, the formation of belief, and the basics of Designing Future Memories as we see that Consciousness + Energy = Reality.  Think of it like this: Your thoughts are film, your brain is the projector, and the screen in front of you is reality. If you don’t like the movie or show you are watching, then change the film, i.e. the way you think. Your memory is your model for reality, so if you choose to hold onto painful memories, then your current reality will reflect this in some way, shape, or form.

Heart-Centered Psychological Inversion

Are you an overthinker? Come to a workshop for the open-minded about how to reduce the internal mind-body noise by anchoring into your heart-center. We’ve been taught mind over matter although if the mind is out of alignment with the heart, a struggle ensues. The mind is complicated, not the heart. By taking ourselves too seriously, we maintain less love to give to ourselves and to others. With the use of basic kinesthetic strength tests on the physical body, we can reveal the connection of your thoughts to your subconscious. Whether this to be basic yes and no questions, or to more complex emotional programs, the physical body is the permanent record of the subconscious mind.   This is an ancient practice being re-taught to the modern masses.  Come learn the Kiri Technique: it’s like Reiki but it won’t cost you $10,000 to learn how to practice it.  Those who make money with your health, don’t necessarily want you to heal completely… If so, where would their future profits be? This is a technique that you can utilize anytime/place and then also share your positive intentions with others around you.

***Those who make money with your health, don’t necessarily want you to heal completely… If so, where would their future profits be? These workshops share various techniques that you can utilize anytime/place and then also shared with others around you.***