Does Hypnosis Work?

Yes, and when people have exhausted other forms of therapy and treatments, hypnosis has still proven to be effective. Each and every one of us has the power of healing and transformation; this power resides within the subconscious mind. If you are ready to change personal habits, master an issue or complex in your life, or even enhance your body’s innate capacity to heal, hypnosis can make this life adjustment easier and more effective.

Essentially, hypnosis is a guided visualization where the client and therapist take a journey to create a dialog between the inner and outer world’s of the client, the subconscious and conscious mind respectively. This enables the client to reduce or even stop negative self-talk, to overcome self-limiting beliefs and even to understand the subconscious nature of an illness. This form of therapy empowers the client to create a stronger relationship between your inner world and external life experience.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural and effective way to modify behaviors, beliefs, and patterns that you have not been aware of consciously. It is refered to a ‘trance-like’ state where the ‘critical mind’ relaxes and allows access to the deeper levels of your awareness. It is a technique that leads to a deep body relaxation and an open mind, similar to the feeling of when at night your head is on the pillow, yet you are not asleep nor are you fully awake.

Hypnosis is a technique that communicates with the subconscious mind while allowing the conscious mind to be in a quiet and relaxed state. A hypnotic state has the same brainwaves as a dream, the theta wavelength in the brain. Your patterns, habits, memories and beliefs are stored in the subconscious mind. When accessing the subconscious directly, the client is able to receive suggestions that agree with the changes that the conscious mind desires as well as unearth any ‘roadblocks’. In essence, hypnosis can help you to get out of your own way.

Hypnosis is derived from the Greek god of dreams, and more specifically its etymology reveals that it is a deeper level of knowledge that resides below the level of consciousness. [‘Hypo’ = a prefix meaning under or beneath; such as a hypodermic needle that goes below the skin. ‘Gnosis’ = knowledge or insight; such as a prognosis that is a recommendation for treatment based on knowledge of the illness.]


Can anyone be hypnotized?

Most people can be hypnotized. How often do you remember your daydreams, or have you ever cried during a movie? These are just small examples of the power of the subconscious mind. You are given suggestions that will be received by the subconscious mind. These suggestion are self-generated during the session and customized for your specific desired outcome(s).

*As a reminder, you will not divuldge any secrets or do anything that is otherwise against your moral belief system. You will remember everything that happens while in trance and are always in control.

How would you describe Alchemical Hypnosis?

Alchemical Hypnosis helps clients find the inner healing resources within the subconscious mind and teaches them to work with these powerful resources every day to solve their problems.

Alchemical Hypnotherapy is based on the practices of the ancient Alchemists (converting the “lead” of our unconscious into the “gold” of wisdom and fulfillment), and uses hypnosis to access powerful internal resources and guides within the subconscious mind to affect lasting change. Through Alchemical Hypnotherapy we are not dependent on the therapist, instead we are empowered to access our own latent healing power within.

Alchemical Hypnotherapy is a very dynamic process and embraces our emotional and spiritual nature unlike any other form of hypnosis therapy.

It can include (but is not limited to) Rescuing the Inner Child, Contacting our Guides and Higher Self, Past Life Regression & Somatic Healing.

What is a typical session entail?

A typical session lasts for approximately 90-120 minutes. We begin by reviewing the FREE 30-minute discovery call and discuss the issue and desired outcome. The actual hypnosis is approximately 60 minutes. Sessions can include various breathing activities and physical exercises designed to enhance brain activity and development.

If you choose the 6-session package, you will also receive a series of MP3 recordings with the suggestions that you generated during your session. This service is also available upon request for individual sessions, please ask.

* [Note: each session can be different and will take the time it takes. This means that more than one session may be necessary and sessions can be longer or shorter depending on the client’s needs.]

-More About Alchemical Hypnosis –


Through this process we explore long forgotten early childhood memories for the source of a  wounding experience that continues to impact the adult subconsciously through feelings such as repressed rage or abandonment. The Inner Child Rescue Mission not only allows you to re-experience the emotions but also engages you actively with the memory of the event  itself. The child within is brought back to the present in order to properly meet its needs and as an adult help and nurture the child in the process.


Alchemical Hypnosis teaches us to identify, access and work with our richest inner resource: Our Guides. Often labeled as Archetypes, our Guides are energies that lie within and when tapped can provide us with invaluable information and healing potential. The Inner Child mentioned previously is a guide, The Inner Mate and Inner Parents are also guides that  can help us heal so much potential wounding that stems from our “real” parents and relationships. Likewise, they can also help us attract better relationships with parents and loved ones. Other guides are the Inner Healer, the Inner Artist and Teacher and our most important Guide: The Higher Self, the limitless potential that lies at the core of our being.


Alchemical Hypnosis not only helps us identify often traumatic past life experiences and process the emotions still associated with them, but also remedy challenging experiences by returning to the scene, provide understanding and even invite past life personalities in order to assist in the healing process.

Alchemical Hypnosis offers five unique Past Life Regression modalities not available in any other system. These are:
HEALING PAST LIFE TRAUMA: Through hypnotic guidance, bring buried past life traumatic  memories to the present and through cathartic release permanently release them

DISCOVERING YOUR CREATIVE ABILITIES: Tap into creative skills and abilities developed in past lives and integrate them successfully into your present self.

HEALING KARMIC TRANSGRESSIONS: Karmic Transgressions result from having done terrible things to others in former lives. Through the OVERT ACTS PROCESS, heal the chronic problems that can result such as illness, relationship issues and financial adversity.

CLEARING PAST LIFE RELATIONSHIP CONTRACTS: Do you feel you have known someone in a past life the instant you meet them? A “contract” can exist with this person if a solemn promise was made in past lives. Such relationships can often be troublesome and obsessive. This technique explores the original promise and if and how the contract can be transformed.

CHANGING PRE-CONCEPTION CONTRACTS: Explore the unique conditions that were created for this birth in past lives and change persistent patterns of suffering or lack of purpose in life.


The SOMATIC HEALING PROGRAM consists of five extraordinary healing modalities. When used in conjunction with medical treatment, they can aid in controlling and eliminating pain and accelerate recovery with only a few minutes of practice every day. The Modalities are:

The Golden Sun process is an energy channeling method that is both easy to learn and extremely effective.

Alchemical Healing is an advanced methodology for exploring and clearing the underlying causes of disease in the subconscious mind.

Hypnotic Movement is a process of tuning into your body and allowing it to move in its own unique way to unwind physical traumas (like auto injuries), reduce swelling and inflammation (sciatica and arthritis), and eliminate pain.

Color Healing involves discovering the colors of a pain in the body and learning easy ways to move that color out of the body through exit points (like acupuncture points) that your body can readily identify for you. Especially powerful for headaches, as well as any chronic pain.

The Inner Healer is a powerful inner guide who can give us medical advice, and will perform spiritual surgery on our bodies in class to remove tumors, repair the bones, muscles and internal organs of our bodies.

How many sessions will it take?

Each person is unique and the amount of sessions depends on the clients needs.FB_IMG_1554761432757