About the Facilitator

Jamie Suss is an inspired educator who offers fresh, new and challenging insights to his clients and students.  He is the Facilitator, Founder, & Active Work-in-Progress for the Life By Creative Design! Online Invitation.


Continually on a quest for meaning in his life, he works and travels as a Bilingual Yoga & Meditation Guide, Freelance English as a Second Instructor, conducts Conscious Creativity and Empowerment Workshops, Birth Into Being Level I+II Workshops, and he is also working on a novel.  He began the Life By Creative Design! 30-Lesson Creativity Online Invitation to facilitate the experience of choosing ourselves into being and to share the experience of opening and awakening as humans together.

“Each soul has its own note to sing in the divine chorus. It’s time to learn how to play your instrument, practice with the orchestra, and then make your own song.”

His interest in healing began after a snowboarding accident and his mind-body-spirit connection studies accelerated to the point where he attained his 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification. He uncovers more and more each day that inspires him to share the gifts of yoga, creativity and the mind-body connection.  In his yoga classes, he provides entryways  to the deeper knowledge withn kinesthetically through the body, philosophically through the mind, & devotionally through the heart.

He empowers clients and students to forge a dynamic and graceful relationship with themselves—simultaneously loving who they are and striving for who they wish to become, exploring beliefs and expanding the boundaries of mind, body & spirit.

His yoga style combines expressive and playful asana with devotion, reverence, and depthless experiential knowledge.  Expect to crack a smile, break a sweat, & steadily progress towards transformation.  He encourages us to wake up to what we want to contribute in this life and to “quit messing around and get on with it!”

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