Month of MindFULLness!

Month of MindFULLness!

How can we infuse mindfulness into our professional and everyday life? Do you find yourself distracted or sluggish in the afternoon? Would you like to learn how to maintain your productivity in the afternoon without the need for coffee, tea or other stimulants?


Bring Mindfulness practices into your business or organization!

Month of Mindfullness Flyer

Join us through the MindFULLness Denver MeetUp Group and experience transcendental meditation, practice yoga & learn a new way to re-energize your perspective, boost your productivity & re-focus your mind.

For one month, your organization can host JamieSuss, who is a thought leader and an inspired transformative educator who offers fresh, new and challenging insights to his clients and students. He is the Facilitator and Active Participant in the Life By Creative Design! 30-Lesson Online Conscious Creativity Invitation.

Make a Personal Investment of MindFULLness Practices & Give Yourself a Gift that will last a lifetime

Meditate and enhance your productivity for the afternoon.

Interactive Mindfulness Development Workshops

The interactive mindfulness development workshops are a mixture of lecture and group interaction. The focus is on improving our professional development through expanding our personal knowledge; Know Thyself. With enhancement of the empowered individual, we find the enhancement of our professional endeavors.

Check out the List of MindFULL themes:

MindFULL Eating! Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Life! Join us for a workshop the takes an experiential journey into the world of hunger as we better understand the mind-body connection through food.


DIY Vision Board. The best way to predict the future is to design it! Join us to explore and apply Creative Visualization Techniques & begin to design the life you always knew was possible.


Procabulary: Empowered Language Systems. What if you could learn a new perspective of how we use our language to identify and shape the world around us? Come to a fun, interactive workshop where we will explore the power of spoken word and its ability to influence our imagination and, therefore, who we think we are.  The Procabulary system assists to find solutions to problems and reduce conflict, understand Conflict Mentality, and begin the path of becoming a Language Architect.


Mindware: The Software of Consciousness.  Everyone has a split personality! Literally the brain is divided into two hemispheres.  During this fun, interactive workshop is about the anatomy, development, and functions of consciousness.  In this workshop we journey into the Deep Ecology of Mind to better understand the basic functions of the mind, the formation of belief, and the basics of Designing Outcomes. Most people think that life is something that just happens to you when in reality 5-10% of your thoughts affect the world around you. “Your mind is a garden and your thoughts are all the seeds.  You can choose to grow flowers or you can grow weeds.”


Life By Creative Design: Design your future rather than let life happen to you by default. Are we the designers of our reality or are we the product of a designed reality? In this workshop, we will explore some creative visualization techniques, understand mindware programming (The software of our consciousness), uncover self-limiting patterns, and practice designing our future based on our core values. Life By Creative Design is based on applying mindfulness to comprehend our feedback loops of mind, body, and environment.  By observing and harnessing these feedback loops we can build better Mindware Programs and create better tools to interface with the world as we design a better story, and a more vibrant collective narrative. When you leave this workshop, you will have learned how to design the best case scenario for our optimal health and wealth.

We create Flexible schedules built around your active lifestyle. Contact us today and we will come to your office, organization or youth group!

Questions? Email!

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