The Social Dividend

Follow the instructions to subscribe to the Conscious Creativity Invitation.

You can make the FULL INVESTMENT of $144 and know that find full value and enjoyment of sharing your talents and gifts with the world too.

You can enter the code of ON-MY-PATH-108 and invest in the journey of creative expression for $108.

From the perspective of the gift economy, it all pays itself forward. Simply enter the coupon code that works for you.  You can participate without fear, regret, or buyer’s remorse.  By making a financial commitment, you are dedicating a commitment of time for your self-discovery.

We normally see this with 6-month gym memberships around new year’s day. Here’s where the gym membership falls short.  You will have lifetime access to the materials and be able to comment, like, and share in the Facebook groups for as long as you choose.

Remember service to self, or service to others?  Studies have shown that there are numerous health benefits mentally, emotionally, and spiritually when we are I service for something more than just ourselves. If you have a 51% desire to combine personal transformation with creativity, then you only need to invest 51% in the cost of this course.  
Use the code SERVE-OTHERS
You can also make a minimum investment of $36 to participate in the 30-day creativity invitation. 
Use the code DREAM-OUT-LOUD-36. That’s a little more than a dollar a day.
And last is, What will your legacy be? If you are unable to make the financial investment and are still committed to your creativity and personal journey, then enter the code CONSCIOUSNESS-lEGACY and the creativity invitation becomes a gift from me to you.

Sign Up and see for your self! {click here}

The reasoning behind such a pricing mechanism is my personal teaching philosophy of ‘Each one, Teach three.’ The gifts and perspectives shared during this Conscious Creativity Invitation + E-course are meant to be shared.  Your personal investment in yourself is meant to paid forward and gifted to others. The proceeds from the Creativity Invitation are applied to sharing these teachings with those who are unable to afford it or unaware of the benefits of mind-body development.

There is a price to pay

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