The Creativity Invitation

30 days, 30 lessons

The 30-Day Invitation is to expressively share, exchange, bounce ideas off of each other and upgrade our feedback loops which can allow us to design better lives.

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Here’s the Gist:

To better know who we are, what we are, and why we are here.  To understand our biofeedback loops of mind, body, and environment.  To take a step back and re-design our lives based on what we value most.  To inspire others and prioritize our core values while being inspired. To creatively design our lives from the perspective of our higher self, day by day. To practice Creativity as a Way of Living.  To honor and share our gifts. To evolve from survival to aliveness.  To live just as we’ve always wanted: passionately, inspired, deeply, consciously,  NOW.
Each day of the invitation has a short enhanced video podcast and a creativity expression guide. You can do the e-course at your own pace and the goal is to share the expansion experience of the mindful marathon as a group.
During our time together, we will explore a thematic approach to understanding certain feedback loops of mind, body, and environment and creative ways of expressing them. You are encouraged to be creative, artistic, inventive, innovative, and divergent with how you express and creatively design your life.
You were born an original, why be a copy?
Think of it as a song: there’s the harmony (what we have in common), there’s the melody (our differences) and then there’s a lot of different instrumentation, singers and soloists (us!).

By harnessing those feedback loops we can build better MindWare programs, we can improve the quality of words  and self-expression used to describe our reality as they feedback with who we are.  We can also create better tools to interface with the world to create a better story for ourselves which will feedback into a better collective narrative.

This is a DIY Invitation & E-course that focuses on personal development and empowerment to select our ideal path through understanding the mind and its role in living our most optimal future. It also gives participants the opportunity to unblock their sources of creativity and let these forces flow freely into their lives.

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