Preparing for the Journey: An Introduction to the Hero Myth

Gain exposure to the central elements of the hero’s journey, apply the
elements of the hero’s journey to your life story, and design your own
hero’s myth for the 21st century.  Inspired by the work of Joseph
Campbell, you will explore the monomyth and the different stages of
the hero’s journey from beginning to end. This is the pattern of the
hero’s journey that can be seen throughout literature in many
cultures. Our young heroes of today need new experiences, myths, and
the tools to create their own new narrative.  It’s time to release the
‘us vs. them’ and to move towards “where do we share a common goal,
and how can we collaborate to create something bigger than each of
us?” In this workshop you will learn the formula of the monomyth and
apply these characteristics to your own life story that moves away
from victim-hood and moves towards being the hero of your own personal
myth. Bring a pen/pencil and explore this interactive approach to
designing your own hero’s journey.

“A dream is a personal experience of that deep, dark ground that is
the support of our conscious lives, and a myth is the society’s dream.
The myth is the public dream and the dream is the private myth. If
your private myth, your dream, happens to coincide with that of the
society, you are in good accord with your group. If it isn’t, you’ve
got an adventure in the dark forest ahead of you.”

Excerpt From: Joseph Campbell & Bill Moyers. “The Power of Myth.”