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Alchemical Hypnosis Session W/ Guided Meditation

What is Alchemical Hypnosis? – Alchemical Hypnosis is interactive trance work using archetypes and inner guidance; it empowers clients to work with these guides every day to solve their problems and discover, align with, and live their life with purpose. In a 2-hour session you can discover the power of your imagination and inner guidance to empower yourself to overcome everyday problems and complexes. *Includes mp3 guided meditation*


3 SESSION Package

{Expires 90 days after first session}


6-Session Package with One-on-One Spiritual Life Coaching

Includes a personalized mp3 for each session. One-on-One Spiritual Life Coaching included as one of the sessions of your choice.



BRAIN HEMISPHERE REPATTERNING for children under 10 years old with learning disabilities such as dyslexia. This is a system of physical exercises that are formulated to cross the midline and create more cohesion between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. 60 MINUTE SESSION FOR $80 {IN-PERSON ONLY}