Spiritual Life Coaching Program


Consciousness is the driver of any value system. In this program you are guided on how to consciously design your life using a custom-tailored VISION BOARD. A vision board is a visualization tool utilized to help clarify, concentrate, and maintain focus on how you choose to feel regarding a specific life goal, business vision or even your life’s purpose. It uses your creativity to display ideas that represent whatever it is that you want to BE, to DO, or to HAVE in your optimal daily life.

This is a program that focuses on guiding you to design your most optimal life. It consists of a 3-month commitment to define your core values, establish your life goals and a daily routine to achieve them, an Alchemical Hypnosis Session*, a Cacao Ceremony**, and an ‘8-Week Wall’ follow-up session. Sessions include breathwork, physical movement and meditation.

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*What is Alchemical Hypnosis? – Alchemical Hypnosis is interactive trance work using archetypes and inner guidance; it empowers clients to work with these guides every day to solve their problems and discover, align with, and live their life with purpose.

**A Cacao Ceremony is a widely used term that generally refers to the use of cacao in a respectful way, usually with the intention of personal growth. Using cacao as a plant medicine facilitator in this process helps to promote self-love, kindness, compassion, patience and understanding within the group that takes part in these gatherings. These types of events, gatherings and ceremonies help create a more heart-centered and cohesive society for all to enjoy.

BONUS: BY participating in the Spiritual Life Coaching Program you will also gain access to the ONLINE CONSCIOUS CREATIVITY INVITATION!

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