The Conscious Toolbox Episode – 002 : What is Conscious Creativity?

In this episode we explore the topic of conscious creativity. It begins with looking at some myths about creativity and then breaks down the root meaning of consciousness. Just remember, Everyone is creative and artistic. Conscious creativity focuses on applying your creative talents into getting to know yourself, who you are, and using them to manifest the best version of you and your reality. It’s both that simple and that complex. The benefits of conscious creativity have an immense empowering effect when we consider the adult mind and our life experience.

 In the next part we talk about the power of creativity and some of its benefits. Are you a shadow artist? Do you sometimes think, “I am just doing this until I am successful at actually doing what I love.” One of the tools that is used to our detriment is uncovered in the toolbox fallacy. And it’s rooted in the myth that “you are not enough, not good enough, not intelligent enough, don’t have enough experience”, and that you are not going to attempt doing what you love because of this fallacy.

The last part of this transmission is suggestions about the different kinds of mind-movies that we can choose to create. At the end of the episode there’s a guided conscious creativity exercise that will take you step by step through using your own mind-movie as fuel for your creative process.