The Love Center

The Love Center: Heart-Centered Psychological Inversion

Are you an overthinker? Come to a workshop for the open-minded about how to anchor into your heart-center. We’ve been taught mind over matter although if the mind is out of alignment with the heart, a struggle ensues. The mind is complicated, yet the heart is simple. By taking ourselves too seriously, we maintain less love to give to ourselves and to others. With the use of basic kinesthetic strength tests on the physical body, we can reveal the connection of your thoughts to your subconscious mind. Whether this to be basic yes and no questions, or to more complex emotional programs, the physical body is the permanent record of the subconscious mind.  Whereas the mind has no scars, the physical body with its muscle memory does. Using this simple technique to anchor the heart-mind will assist in breaking down internal barriers built up by the thinking mind.

This is an ancient practice being re-taught to the modern masses.  Come learn the Kiri Technique: it’s like Reiki but it won’t cost you $10,000 to learn how to practice it.  Those who make money with your health, don’t necessarily want you to heal completely… If so, where would their future profits be? This is a technique that you can utilize anytime/place and then also share your positive intentions with others around you.